Our high-quality seasonings have it all and were created by a true taste expert. From exquisite curry and hot ginger to enticing masala, we offer everything a gourmet heart desires. (Forwarding to all products). All types of products are available in different variations and flavours.



If life gives you lemons... you make it a delicious (fish) dish! Our seasoning Lemon tastes strong and fresh, finely tart, pleasantly sweet and has a hint of rose fragrance. A firework of aroma that you will not get bored of using daily.


Curry is a wonderful, warming and traditional flavour. Curry is not just curry but a composition of different spices.
In India, curry is something very personal and each family has their own, individual way of combining cinnamon, chilli, pepper, curry leaves, coriander, nutmeg, turmeric and more...
Our mixture is just as unique. With a lot of love for detail and after a long developmental phase, we have created a recipe that tastes like a trip to India.

Allergens: May contain traces of gluten and celery. Natural mustard content of SO2 < 100 ppm. Additional cilantro according to ALBA list.




This taste of ginger makes everything more delicious and our own ginger seasoning has impressed even the most critical of chefs.
The taste is rich and spicy with a soft fruity note to it.

Allergens: Natural sulphur dioxide content of SO2 < 150 ppm.


The name sounds as mysterious as it is delightful. Join us on a journey into the exciting taste of Indian cuisine.

Masala is characterised by exotic spices such as curry, cardamom, curcuma and coriander. The traditional mixtures of Masala contain spices which, according to Ayurvedic medicine, heat the body. Our Masala recipe gets its very special aroma from turmeric and its spice from the ginger plant. With this mixture we bring a touch of India to your palate!

Allergens: May contain traces of gluten and celery. Natural mustard content of SO2 < 100 ppm. Additional cilantro according to ALBA list.




This plant is known and appreciated all over the world! Garlic is one of the most intense and the most popular of all spices.
When working with fresh garlic, the kitchen is immediately filled with a sharp aroma - feared by some, loved by others.
Our indisputable garlic recipe goes well with all fish products and any other dishes!

Allergens: May contain traces of peanuts. Natural sulphur dioxide content of SO2 < 150 ppm.


Hot and spicy: Our MSC Tuna Steaks in the flavour Chili have what you’re craving for! The little spicy sister of the pepper is known all over the world and has an excellent reputation to serve the finest aroma. Chili not only gives every dish an excitingly hot note, but is also considered a traditional medicinical plant in many places.

Convince yourself and try our MSC Tuna Steak flavoured with Chili spice: Here the mild-salty aroma of tuna meets a fiery-hot opponent. Together they make an absolutely delicious DreamTeam!




Just imagine: It’s a warm summer evening and you are in the garden, at the lake or in the city park. The sun is shining and the grill is sizzling and spreading delicious aroma. You like some variety on your plate and because of that, there’s one thing that is a Must-have on your grill: our MSC Tuna Sausage with barbecue spice mix and 20% pure virgin olive oil! A light spicy kick and the smoky aroma with exciting fruity notes will enchant your taste buds in no time. Because our MSC Tuna Sausage only needs to be grilled 2 to 3 minutes per side, you can cook up a feast for you and your guests within the blink of an eye. Alternatively, a pan does the trick, too.

And now there’s only one thing left to do: Get the grill going and try it!


Onions are the kitchen all-rounder par excellence. They make a flavourful addition to many recipes and dishes. Onions go very well with all our tuna products, absorbing and enhancing the flavour of the tuna meat. So that you don't find yourself teary eyed in the kitchen, we have prepared everything for you!