Fishing Fleet


Our fishing fleet uses a technique that has received several awards from renowned nature conservation and sustainability organisations. They ensure that the tuna is caught at its optimum age and size as well as ‘dolphin safe’. The tuna, which weighs between 20 and 60 kg will have spawn at least two generations of fish. Our fleet operates in the world’s most controlled and sustainable fishing area, FAO 077, where the tuna is not overfished due to a variety of excellent and closely monitored protective measures.

The yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares), also known as Ahi, is an important, edible species of tuna which inhabits all tropical and temperate oceans and seas apart from the Mediterranean Sea. Its name Ahi, originated in Hawaii and represents a whole food type, see Ahi Poke.

This tuna is named after its bright yellow second dorsal fin and anal fin. Its body changes from a metallic blue on the back to silver on the stomach and shows 20 vertical lines. It can grow up to 240 centimetres and weigh up to 200kg.

The yellowfin tuna likes to group with other fish of the same size, including other tuna species. Larger specimens have also been observed with dolphins, porpoises and whale sharks. The yellowfin tuna eats other fish, crustaceans and squid.

In commercial fisheries, yellowfin tuna is caught with purse seines and longlines. It is mostly sold frozen or canned. Yellowfin tuna is also popular with sport fishermen because of its beauty, speed and size.